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In order to begin this section on Water, I believe almost every water activity that exists requires one to be able to swim. The most common reasons for swimming are athletic training, exercise, sports and recreation. Swimming is a great way to put your body in a relaxed state while enjoying a good workout. Swimming is also an excellent way to exercise because the relative mass of the human body is similar to water making it less stressful on joints and bones. It is believed that swimming is the best form of aerobic exercise in the world. People that need rehabilitation from injuries or someone with disabilities frequent the water for exercise. For training purposes, resistance swimming is a wonderful exercise and can be accomplished in a confined space. Resistance swimming can be done against a stream of moving water or by holding the swimmer stationary. The aquatic sport of swimming involves very fast swimming over a given distance. There are many different events including: the 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly; the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m free; and the 100m, 200m and 400m individual medley. The Olympic Games have included swimming sports since 1896.


Diving is the water sport of jumping or falling into the water from a springboard or platform and sometimes while doing some very skillful routines of an acrobat. Diving is an international sport and part of the Olympic Games. The divers competing in this sport must possess great strength, flexibility and judgment. In 2000 at the Olympics, synchronized diving was performed as a sporting event. Two divers form a team and perform dives simultaneously. In these events, the diving is judged on both quality of execution and synchronicity.

Synchronized Swimming is recognized in Olympic and World Championship competitions. This is performed as a routine of complex and detailed moves in the water to go along with music. Synchronized swimming demands not only very advanced skills in the water, above average breath control under water, endurance, flexibility, great strength; but also grace, artistry, and precise timing.

There is a very long list of things to do when it comes to Recreational sports that take place on or in the water. If you think there might be one or more sport missing from this list, let us know at Suntan Crew.  Boating includes many different types of watercraft like sailboats, canoes, kayaks, motorboats and pontoon boats. Motorboats are essential to activities like water skiing, barefoot water skiing and skurfing, where the participant is towed by a boat while on a surfboard. Fishing is sometimes done from a boat and may include a bass boat. Let’s not forget about yachts because one can sail, cruise, sunbathe or race on a yacht. Swimmers surf on ocean waves and artificial waves in a wave pool. Body-boarding is very similar to surfing, but the board is smaller and the participant normally lies down on the board. A surf-style board with a paddle used in either on water with no waves or water with waves is called paddle surfing standing up. Skim-boarding is a board sport where the board is used to ride on an incoming wave. Wake-boarding is like water skiing except one uses only one board attached to the feet. Wake-skating is the same as wake-boarding except the board is not attached to the feet. Wake-surfing is a mix of wake-boarding and surfing. Windsurfing on flat water is when the participant is using the wind for propulsion in combination with sails. Kite surfing is on flat water and one uses the kite for propulsion. Parasailing is when a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute. Jet skiing is a fun way to ride the waves. Hydrofoiling is riding on the water with a hydrofoil attached to a ski. This last one I had never heard of before and is called Flow-boarding. Participants ride body boards kneeling down and are ridden on artificial waves.

The Recreational sports that take place under the water is a shorter list, but lots of fun also. Scuba diving is a popular sport that allows a diver to swim under water using a breathing apparatus. Free-diving is diving a maximum depth using no breathing apparatus. There are contests worldwide for underwater photography and water-safe digital cameras are how divers participate. Underwater hockey is similar to hockey on the ground except the players have sort wooden curved sticks and a heavy puck. The players wear diving masks, snorkels and fins; and must surface to breathe while players continue playing. Underwater rugby is rugby played under water. Two teams try to score goals by sending a buoyant ball into the opponents’ goal. Water polo is a team sport that has six field players (plus one the sidelines) and one goalkeeper and is very similar to team handball played on the ground. The game is divided into four periods and the team with the most scored points after the last quarter wins.

At suntan.com we have an incredible selection of articles from the sun to the water and everything inbetween. Have a wonderful time out in the sun playing in the water, but be safe, have a buddy and use all the precautions under the sun that we recommend on Suntan.com.

-Ms. Suntan

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