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  • When applying tanning stickers to your body make sure the entire area is coated with a tan. It will show off your tan tattoo better.

Water by MissSuntan


Water is a most important element to the functioning of the human body and the earth overall. There is not a living creature on earth that does not need water, whether it be plant, animal or insect. No surprise, it is necessary for life in so many ways including recreation!


To understand why hydration is important; you need to realize that the human body is 70%-75% water and every system in the body requires water for optimum function. Everyone has probably heard that you need 8-8oz. glasses of water a day to keep all systems running properly. Do you know the first sign of not drinking enough water? Dry skin! Sooo, if you have dry skin you may not be drinking enough water. Every day we lose water from our bodies when we breathe, in sweat used to cool the body, in flushing waste from our body and in those emotional cleansing tears. Without proper water intake these necessary functions would shut down and death would follow.


Dehydration is the result of not drinking enough or from losing too much in bodily functions; such as, excessive sweating, vomiting and diarrhea. Remember, babies and children are more affected due to their small size so you need to be sure they are drinking enough. Well, enough of the dry stuff, let’s move on.


Water for recreation is really the best! Waterskiing over a mirror smooth surface with the sun warming your skin can be exhilarating. Swimming (great exercise for seniors and the overweight) in waters warmed by the sun can also be therapeutic. Scuba diving or snorkeling with the sun filtering the waters of the Gulf or Caribbean; allows you to better view the wonders below. How about catching that perfect wave while surfing Hawaii? Sailing, kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing and so very much more! What can be better than peacefully relaxing in your Hydra Sport fishing boat, enjoying the sun glistening on the surface of the lake or ocean and then the ‘strike’ of a fish hitting your line?! Sunbathing on or walking over the warm sand as the water gently laps the shoreline. How about a cruise to help forget the problems at home? Hey, let’s not forget frozen water in the form of snow and ice. Sledding, snow skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or just relaxing in a hot tub on the sun deck while watching the sun make ‘diamonds’ in the snow.


Speaking of reflection; the sun reflected off of snow and water is much more intense, a kind of a double whammy of UV rays. With snow skiing or any sport that involves altitude and reflection; it really increases the need for good sun protection. A cream or lotion of at least SPF 15, applied a half hour before going out and reapplied every two hours should be second nature when spending hours in the sun. It is highly recommended that you use a waterproof or sport type sunscreen like Panama Jack Sun ‘N Sport Sunblock. With the choice of an SPF from 15 to 70; be familiar with your skin type and choose appropriately. Even if you are at the beach tucked under your Sport Brella, it is only blocking the rays from above and not the reflected rays, so the reapply rule should be followed. Be sure to check out the Oakley line of sun goggles for use in both the snow and water sport situations to protect those eyes.


How many times have you watched scenes in movies in which the lovely leading lady is lying in the spa with cold cream slathered on her face and cucumber slices on her eyes? Why the cucumbers? Cucumbers have high water content and are usually stored in the refrigerator. The high water content helps hydrate that thin delicate tissue in the eye area and the cool temperature decreases the blood flow, thereby, decreasing puffiness. Did you know puffiness is the precursor of wrinkles? Placing cucumbers on your eyes once a week for 10-15 minutes a day is an inexpensive self indulgence with wonderful benefits.


Hope this has inspired you to start thinking about the importance of water and the sun to your health and wellbeing. Check our online store for water bottles, sun protection items and games for ‘fun in the water’. Now go hit the waves or the slopes and ENJOY!

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