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Walking | Under the Sun Sports to get a Suntan

WALKING has for years been underestimated by sports advocates but has recently come into its own with more research.  The Mayo Clinic has found that the following benefits result from regular walking.


  • Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL)

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Effective in managing your weight

  • Assists in management and/or reduces your risk of type II diabetes

  • Contributes to good mental health


Just as with running it is advised that you spend some time stretching, at least five minutes walking slowly to warm up and spend at least five minutes cooling down at the end.  When walking outside in the sunshine you must be sure to wear sunscreen or tanning lotion to protect delicate skin.  Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun glare and future sun damage.


HIKING in the United States is promoted and protected by the American Hiking Society.  The main purpose of the society is to protect and preserve the trails and nature areas of the U.S.  They also promote hiking as a way to enjoy nature, promote fitness and renew oneself in the health giving sun after a long work week.  Out in the sunshine and fresh air with the beauty of nature, who wouldn’t feel renewed?  When hiking you should prepare with appropriate equipment.  A good comfortable backpack to carry needed supplies is a must.  Water, protein/energy bars, sun care products, rain poncho and a first aid kit should always be considered necessary when hiking.  Dress appropriately for the weather, but remember if hiking mountains, the variance from lower regions to upper altitudes may require additional clothing.  Change in altitude may also require more sunscreen.  A good sun hat and sunglasses should also be part of your kit.  The most important pieces of “equipment” are a good pair of hiking shoes, socks and trekking poles.


RACE WALKING is governed by USA Track and Field, which is the national organization governing running and race walking competition. This sport is often practiced by 4 types of people: runners who like competition but have injuries that ended their running career, runners looking for a new form of competition, fitness walkers who want to take it up a notch and lastly, couch potatoes who realize they need to work on fitness.  Now don’t believe that this is an injury free activity.  You must prepare with the proper shoes and learn the proper technique to avoid injury.  Start slowly to master technique and then work on speed.  In race walking the competitor’s foot must maintain contact with the ground and he must straighten the forward knee when the foot makes contact with the ground.  The knee must be kept straight until the knee passes under the body.  Race walking is practiced in three forms: road racing, outdoor track and indoor track.  The uniform for race walking is sleeveless jerseys and shorts with the result that more skin is exposed to the sun’s rays.  This is another important reason to make sure applying sunscreen or tanning lotion is part of your pre race routine.  Did you know race walking actually burns more calories than running?


Always whether walking, hiking or race walking be aware of the weather and protect yourself accordingly.  Remember a little sun is good, too much sun is painful and can produce future problems.  Check out our online store for “everything under the sun” items at our Suntan Store.


-Miss Suntan


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