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Top Ten Most Unusual Beaches under the Sun


1. In 1934, just south of the Santa Monica Pier, a beachfront recreation area was built that became a mecca for Hollywood stunt people, circus performers, gymnasts and film actors. During WWII an influx of soldiers added to the popularity of this beach which led to weightlifting joining the list of activities enjoyed here. It was during the 40’s that the beach gained the moniker MUSCLE BEACH gaining a reputation as THE place to see beautiful bodies, celebrities and talented athletes. This beach is considered the starting point for the fitness craze of the 20th century. In 1959 the original Muscle Beach was shut down so tourists and locals moved down to an area called the Weight Pen in Venice, CA. That site is known as MUSCLE BEACH VENICE to distinguish it from the never to be duplicated original ‘Muscle Beach’.


2. RED SAND BEACH in Hana, HI is a "secret beach" with volcanic red sand which is formed from the crumbling volcanic cindercone hill that towers over it. Access is dangerous because of the cinders and slippery pinecones. It is totally wild with NO FACILITIES at all. Free spirits love this beach despite its challenging location -- not for the faint of heart!


3. The island BARBUDA in the Caribbean is home to pink and white sand beaches. Small, intimate and wonderfully limited in development you may feel you are on your own private island. Access to this island is from its larger neighbor, Antigua. You have the choice of either a 20 minute flight or a 3-hour boat ride, timing is everything. Accommodations are available on the north and south sides, while the east and west sides are still natural. The north side is site of one hotel, a large lagoon invites kayakers and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary delights bird lovers. A massive barrier reef invites snorkelers and scuba divers to enjoy the abundant marine life. With fishing still the main income producer for the local fisherman you will find plenty of guides available. On the south side are the bigger resorts with golf and tennis. The beaches invite you to stroll for miles or enjoy the clear warm waters, swimming, surfing, windsailing, waterskiing or sail a sunfish.


4. HANA BAY, MAUI is the site of a large black sand beach in a well protected area so it is good for swimming and is a family beach for the locals. The black sand is the result of a lava flow striking the water and shattering into multiple rocks which the ocean then beat into the black sand. The beach is also the site of outrigger canoe races and if they are not racing you may be able to watch them practicing. With picnic facilities, restrooms, a pavilion and snack bar, it has all the ingredients for a very nice day.


5. A truly unusual beach is found at SEDIR ISLAND, TURKEY. Here you will find yellow sand that exists nowhere else in Turkey. Add in the Aegean Sea, a tale of love and it becomes something quite special. The story is goes like this. The sand was brought in on ships by Marc Antony for his love Cleopatra, who refused to have her toes touch any but Egyptian sand. You can only access the Aegean Sea to swim via a boardwalk, the yellow sand is considered so precious that it is strictly ‘look but don’t touch’.


6. PFEIFFER BEACH, BIG SUR, CA is a well kept secret and hard to find. A little sign points you in the right direction but it is very easy to miss. Home to a purple sand beach created by manganese particles washing down from the surrounding cliffs. In its seclusion it is not necessarily a beach for anything other than relaxing.


7. HYAMS BEACH, JERVIS BAY, AUSTRALIA is said to have the whitest sand on the planet. It is a great place for swimming, surfing, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving or whale and dolphin watching. Walk the beach early in the morning and you might even catch a ‘roo or two enjoying the beach.


8. PAPAKOLEA BEACH on the big island of Hawaii is another secluded and hard to reach beach with a secret. How hard? Try a 4-6 mile hike along a coastal trail but the hike is worth it. Good hiking shoes and plenty of water are a must since there are no facilities at the end. The destination is one of only two green sand beaches in the world. The resulting color is the result of volcanic activity by Mauna Loa. Olivine, which is part of the lava, is heavier than regular sand or volcanic ash and is not as easily washed away by tidal action resulting in a green sand beach.


9. The most famous of the unusual beaches is on HARBOUR ISLAND in the Bahamas. Here we find three miles of gorgeous pink sand beaches that get their color from tiny microscopic shelled animals called Foraminifera. These creatures grow under the reefs offshore, an area which just happens to be good for diving. The numerous reefs also create a calm area for swimming, snorkeling and other water activities.


10. On Kyushu Island, Japan in the town of Miyazaki is the most unusual beach yet. A heated ocean, soft sand, an erupting volcano, perfect waves and water slides can be found in OCEAN DOME. This is a manmade beach recreation area, a relatively safe sterile futuristic playground. The perfect waves and erupting volcano are computer controlled and activate on a regular schedule. The dome can be opened when the optimal conditions are reached. Definitely unusual!


Do you have any unusual beaches or places that are under the sun in which you would like to share with us? Please email our Suntan Crew.




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