• Daily Tips
  • Wear a hat during "prime sun time" (PST).




  • Eastern & Oriental Express – This well-known luxury train was built in the early 1970’s in Japan. Accommodations range in three different levels: Presidential Suites, State Compartments & Pullman Compartments. The Presidential Suites (there are two!) are the ultimate in luxury, featuring lavish décor and furnishings, 24-hour steward service, an in-suite bathroom, a personal safe and a complimentary bar. During the day there is space for you to entertain 1-2 people in your car. Huge windows ensure you are able to take in the breathtaking scenery while you are whisked off to your final sunny destination. During the dinner hour your steward changes over the suite to your comfortable bedroom, featuring 2 single beds and a changing area. The cuisine on board these trains is exquisite, rivaling the best restaurants in the world.



  • The Royal Scotsman – Exclusive, unsurpassed luxury abounds on this train with a capacity of only 36 passengers at any given time. Opulent surroundings and a superbly attentive staff make this the ultimate in rail car luxury travel. Enjoy the scenic landscape in Scotland while you leisurely relax in the observation car or stroll to the open verandah and enjoy the sunshine. The sleeping cars are beautifully appointed and feature all the creature comforts of a 5-star hotel, including private bathrooms with lavish, complimentary toiletries, dressing table and full-length wardrobe, ceiling fans, individual climate controls and cabin-call-buttons to ring the staff when you need assistance. Prices for trips in breathtaking Scotland start at 2,000 Euros or almost 3,000 U.S. Dollars. Sunny weather here is best found in May and June with some regions getting about 1400 hours of sunshine a year.



  • The Train Chartering Company – This luxury rail provider is based in the U.K. and has 12 private United States train cars for charter, including 6 in New York City, 3 in Chicago, 2 in Houston and 1 in Oakland, California. This supplier of opulent rail travel offers businesses, families and private individuals from 1 to 800 people, the opportunity to charter these extravagant means of travel to get to your next ‘fun in the sun’ location. They can journey to just about any Amtrak rail station in the country and offer all the amenities you would expect. Private and exclusive, some of the offerings are: flexible itineraries, first-rate cuisine with wine cellar and entertainment such as live music, singers and an on-board casino. Prices start at $7,500 a day, for a private car, up to 8 people and 700 miles, or from $140 per guest, up to 800 guests for a 400-mile roundtrip. This includes all rail charges, travel organizing and guest management, concierge and butler services, appetizers, beverages and tips. Taxes and full-service fine dining is at an extra cost, along with any other want and need you can dream up.


No matter which method you choose to travel to your next sun-lovers’ vacation, these options allow you to do it with style and class. All Aboard!



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