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Top Ten Travel Games for Suntanned Vacations – (Not just for Kids)

Traveling as a family, whether it’s by airplane, train, car or bus, can become very boring for youngsters. As a mother I could not always understand why the kids were restless and fidgety; when on a trip, anywhere away from the house was supposed to be a wonderful thing. Now as a grandmother, I get it! Children’s minds are very active and busy so they need something to occupy them a great deal of the time. Suntan.com has compiled a list of ten (not necessarily in any kind of order) of the most favorite games for traveling to all of your suntan vacations (all in reduced travel sizes). These will also work great in restaurants while waiting for dinner to be served.


1.    Scrabble

2.    Chess

3.    Backgammon

4.    Cards

5.    Clue

6.    Sorry

7.    Parcheesi

8.    Connect 4

9.    Perfection

10.   I Spy

These games are all available through Amazon.com, Toys R Us, Leaps and Bounds, and most any children’s store. I love Leaps & Bounds because they always have unique things for children. Tangrams, which are ancient Chinese puzzles, have magnetic puzzle pieces to create their own designs and include a laptop case. Magnetic Art comes with 80 magnetic colorful shapes and is for children 3 years old and up. A car valet is also a great idea. It attaches to your backseat and has lots of pockets for supplies. Some companies also market their own 20-in-one travel games for one or more players. Some of these games include checkers, tic-tac-toe, car bingo, license plate games, drawing games, guessing games, hangman and more.

All of these games can also go to the beach because they are so easy to pack in the beach bag along with the suntan lotions, hats, sunglasses and snacks. Now go pack up the travel games and have yourselves a very relaxing vacation.

-Ms. Suntan

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