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Swimming has been one of those pleasures that people have enjoyed for centuries. We begin our lives in fluid so that should not be a surprise to anyone. Not content to swim in the ocean, rivers or lakes, man created the swimming pool in all its varieties and sizes. Hey, we like the water!


The gear that makes this more enjoyable depends on where you choose to swim. Cold waters are nicer if you are wearing wetsuits that were created to keep you warmer. Anyone who has watched competitive swimming is aware that the suits and other items they wear may be quite different from what those who swim for pleasure wear. Wearing goggles while swimming allows you to view and enjoy your underwater surroundings better. How about snorkeling or scuba diving?


Underwater swimmingWouldn’t swimming laps on a hot day be more pleasant, as opposed to jogging a mile or so? Doctors suggest swimming as a good exercise, because water offers resistance but it does not put as much of a strain on joints as other athletic pursuits. The variety of strokes, offer a chance to work a variety of muscles as well. Apparatus developed to help you get a better workout include, pull buoys, paddles and kickboards.


Swimming is definitely my personal favorite exercise!




There are more reasons to swim! Check out part 2 of this article here. 

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