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  • Though contact lenses provide some UV protection they cover only a small area of the eye so wear UV blocking sunglasses also.



Coco Channel made tanning popular in the 1920's but the concept of sun protection did not take off until after the diagnoses of President Reagan's skin cancer. With research came the realization that excessive exposure to UV rays could have unpleasant results, sunburn being the most familiar. Sun safety has since then become an increasingly more popular consideration.


At that time a young man by the name of Robert Bell, whom most would not have voted most likely to succeed, began looking at safe tanning and sunscreen was born. His company, Banana Boat, challenged the old guard so they had to change or die.


Now we have a wide choice of sun protection in a variety of forms. From UV protecting sun lotions to creams, sunscreen sprays and colored ointments, the choices are staggering. Do you like to swim? Check out an environmentally friendly sunblock that won’t come off and leave a scum on the water. Are you into sweaty outdoor activities? You’re sun safety needs are covered in that area also. Special formulas of sunscreen were created for kids whose skin is much more tender making sun protection more important for them.


The most important thing is to determine your skin type and purchase a sunscreen with the UV protection recommended for your type.


Phototype I is the fair skinned blonde with green or blue eyes but he/she may also have red hair and the despised freckles. The chances this person will tan is very unlikely, sunburn is more likely your fate, so an SPF 30 sunscreen or higher is recommended for you. Wearing of UPF clothing is also advised.


Phototype II is also fair skinned with light hair and blue or brown eyes. There is still a risk of sunburn but a type II is able to obtain a light tan safely, if careful. You should also follow the same sun safety guidelines as the Phototype I individual.


Phototype III is our fair skinned brown haired brown eyed friend, whose chance of sunburn is lessened and the ability to obtain a respectable tan is increased. You have the same concerns as phototype I and II except that you are safe using an SPF 15 sunblock.


Phototype IV has brown to dark skin with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. This lucky person has a minimal chance of sun burn and a very good chance for a nice dark tan. This type is also able to use a sunscreen as low as SPF 15.


Phototype V has brown to dark skin with dark brown or black hair and dark brown eyes. This is the friend who never sun burns and has the most gorgeous dark brown tan. You are also safe using an SPF 15.


Phototype VI has the dark brown to black skin with dark brown or black hair and dark brown eyes. This person NEVER sunburns and is very dark. Tanning oil works best to main a type VI tan.


Safe and fun tanning!



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