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Top Ten Gifts for an Indoor and/or Outdoor Sun Tanner | Suntan Fun


Ever wonder what the perfect gift would be for someone who spends most of their time in the sun? Perhaps it’s your teen daughter that is obsessed with sun tanning at the beach and in tanning salons. Maybe you know someone always out in their boat or avidly going to watch outdoor sports. People who work constantly in the sun need sun tanning gifts too! An ultimate gift for a sun tanner consists of something that allows them to have blast while engaging in activities that they love…out in the sun.


1. UV Meter – These handy gadgets are #1 on my list. Not only are they unique & cost effective ($20-$50), they provide the absolute ultimate sun protection for your sun tanner…Safety while having ‘fun in the sun’! Personal Sun UV Meters measure and keep track of the outdoor temperature as well as the current UV levels where ever you are. They even automatically update as the temps or UV levels go up or down. o cool! The meters use skin type, UV levels and the SPF of your sun block to determine the amount of time that is safe in the sun. Most have alarm features so that you know exactly when it’s time to cover up with your UV clothing, get in the shade or go inside. These are hand held, portable, easy to use & will usually have a convenient wrist strap so taking one out for your fun days in the sun is a no-brainer! I really like the ones from Oregon Scientific as they are reliable and easy to use. These are a MUST for families going to play in the sun. We give ours a workout in Southern California; going to our boys’ high school & sporting events, camping & playing at the beach.


2. Bathing Suit - Ok, ok…I know what you are going to say! Bathing Suits are personal and most people wouldn’t feel comfortable giving this item as a gift. On one hand, I agree, wholeheartedly. There are so many styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, brands, etc… On the other, think about who we are talking about here. I happen to think that a large percentage of sun tanners would agree that the “ultimate tan” is one without tan lines. At times, perhaps difficult to achieve without access to a tanning bed. Unless you have a tan through bathing suit! These are specially made suits from unique fabrics that are not see-through (wet or dry) and offer around 6 SPF. There are several companies that carry these and the selection is great. The idea is to wear a tan through suit and apply 6-10 SPF sun screen to your exposed body parts to achieve an all over tan with no tan lines! I thought they would be horribly expensive, but they are actually about the same price as a normal bathing suit.


3. Tanning Bed – This is obviously a higher-end gift & only for the seriously dedicated sun tanner in your life. New sun beds for home use run from $1,200 on up. The price, of course, varies on the make, model, number of fluorescent tubes, size/length of the bed & whether or not you want additional face lamps. Common sun tanning bed manufacturers are: Sun Quest, Pro Sun, Nova Companies, and the most recognizable is Wolff. If money is no object and you are buying, I’ll take a Sundome 548V, one of the standup tanning booths. Just shy of $9,000.00, this contraption barely takes any floor space and lets you achieve the perfect tan in just 10 minute sessions. I’ll admit I’m a tan salon “snob” and would rather stand up in one of these, instead of lying down in one of the typical sun beds. Always remember to be smart & safe with any tanning bed. Everything in moderation! Don’t forget your sun goggles, special sun block and stay hydrated!


4. Sunglasses – Eyewear is commonly considered just a fashion accessory and is so much more than that! There are huge differences between cheap and expensive sunglasses and what they do and don’t do for you. Good sunglasses should provide protection from UV rays, intense light and glare. Also, choosing a particular shade or tint on your eyewear for the sun will eliminate certain harmful shades of rays. The lenses are the major factor in choosing your sunglasses. Choose ones that are well made and “correct” the light coming into your eyes. olarized lenses are a great technology option for sun protection. They can cut down the reflections on surfaces such as water so the eyes are not strained. Some sunglasses are photo chromatic and change their protection and tint when the light changes. Great examples of these are Transitions Lenses. Other brands, such as Oakleys, have mirrored lenses and are considered reflective sunglasses. The known issue with reflective eyewear is that the coating is easily scratched. One of the most important things to double-check when shopping for sunglasses is to make sure the lenses offer 100% protection from both types of UV rays. Some of the top and most well-known sunglass manufacturers include: Ray-Ban, Black Flys, Foster Grant, Bolle, Revo, Serengeti & Vuarnet. Prices are anywhere from $10 to hundreds, depending on what you want to spend. Don’t forget to buy suitable sunglasses for your kids, too!


5. Mister Fan – Ahhhh! Something refreshing to help cool off as you are working, playing or soaking up the sun. This splurge would make a fabulous gift for a sun tanner & ideal for just about anyone who had a place to put it. The mister fan could be placed on a garden patio, by the pool or in the backyard. There are portable, handheld misters, but the Holmes 3-speed outdoor fan with misting kit would be ideal to keep you comfortable while lying out by the pool. At only $65, it’s reasonable & perfect for your summer outdoor activities.


6. UV Clothing – I personally think everyone susceptible to over-exposing in the sun should have a basic set of sun protective wear, or UV clothing. These are great for everyday wear as well as cover-ups! Coolibar, Ex Officio & Solumbra are some manufacturers that produce Men’s, Women’s & Children’s UV clothing. I especially like the kids’ line of UV clothing from the catalog, One Step Ahead. his sun protection comes from the fabric & UV clothing is rated according to the UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor. A sun garment having a UPF of 50 means that only 1/50th of the UV rays falling on the fabric seep through, equaling about 98% UV protection. Sun protective clothing was first developed in Australia & is regulated by a government agency, ARPANSA. Going somewhere hotter than hot and have little children? Consider a UV outfit for junior to play in the pool with, rather than a typical bathing suit.


7. Sun Hat – Like the UV clothing, there are also Sun Hats. As mentioned before, I like the Coolibar line, from Australia. Any big brimmed floppy hat will do, but these are special. #1, look at your favorite hat right now. Is it 50+ UPF? Lightweight cotton breathable canvas, these sun hats you can do anything with and they bounce right back. Fold, roll & tuck them away however you want. This brand was also the first ever to be recommended for sun protection by the Skin Cancer Foundation. My favorite is my Coolibar Beach Sun Hat in Cocoa Brown. Right now it’s on sale for $30!


8. Beach Cart – There are a couple of these on the market worth mentioning. If your sun tanner likes to camp or go to the beach, one of these would make him or her very happy. The Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart is a lifesaver! This beach cart is made of a sturdy steel frame & can hold up to a 48 qt. cooler, beach chairs and other fun in the sun necessities in the mesh pocket. When you only want to make 1 trip!!! A must have if you have kids! This convenient cart is only about $65. The wheels are fine in the sand, depending on how heavy the cart is loaded, but you can even buy a kit and upgrade the tires. Holds approximately 75 pounds. Another super beach cart is Wheeleez. They have 3 beach carts to choose from. The prices are $99 for the mini version, $189 for the folding model & $299 for the heavy duty beach cart. When your sun tanner struts out onto the beach with this handy helper, everyone will want one!


9. Self-Tanning Lotions & Supplies – Okay, so this is what your favorite sun tanner relies on when lying out in the sun and the tanning beds are not an option. Self-tanning remedies come in lotions, sprays, foams and creams. Make absolutely sure you moisturize (especially naturally dry areas of skin such as elbows, ankles and knees) before using these type of products to avoid the dark orange streaky look we all know and hate. My absolute must-have in this category is Lancôme Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Body Spray. This product will give you that gorgeous rich, honey tan without the streaks. However, many of the Lancôme Flash Bronzer Products are being discontinued at this time and it looks as if I’ll have to find another fave. One line that has always intrigued me is the Solerra Sunless Tanning System. This is the one that has been used by celebrities from Dancing with the Stars (Endorsed by Karina Smirnoff), the American Music Awards & even the Oscars. You can get the kits in Spray or Cream or even buy the “Red Carpet” Self-Tanning Kit. Your sun tanner will love having this on standby!


10. Spa Certificate – Another must have for everyone, not just sun tanners! I believe going to a spa regularly for treatments is hugely important to your overall wellbeing. There is something to be said about having “you” time and what better gift is there than that? Many of the body therapies are wonderful for refreshing your skin and spirit after a day in the sun. Have you ever had a Vichy Shower? 5-7 shower jets on an arm that allows you to rinse off after a salt scrub or body wrap without leaving the table. Heaven! Body treatments are facials for your body, instead of your face. It is super important to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin all over your entire body and what could be more important to someone who worships the sun!



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