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Sun Safety for Kids


To assist parents in best protecting their little ones; let us look at the definitions of SPF and UPF. SPF, Sun Protection Factor, is the amount of time skin exposed to the sun takes to turn red. UPF, Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is the measurement of UV radiation that penetrates the fabric and ultimately reaches the skin. When you are purchasing sunscreen or clothing make sure you check the packaging for these ratings. The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation can be a big help as can the American Academy of Dermatology Seal of Recognition. These two organizations have strict standards and trained people to make sure that you can trust the products they approve. Whether it is Aveeno, No Ad or Ocean Potion, all those products for children are clearly marked KIDS, SENSITIVE or BABIES and these are the products that should be used. Needless to say, keep reapplying every two hours or after swimming.


Newborns should be kept out of direct sun until 6 months of age. This is the age when you can begin using sun care products on them. The WaterBABIES® line® by Coppertone is one of several with the seal from the Skin Cancer Foundation. They should still be kept out of direct sun as much as possible with hats, protective clothing and umbrellas. For the house check out the Step 2® Naturally Playful® Summertime Play Center, a sand box and table with its own umbrella. Tents or cabanas, with or without floors, make wonderful sand play areas. When we camped on the beach there was a kid sand tent. The adults shoveled it full of sand and it was great!


child sun safetyThe reflective property of water can increase the UV exposure of the eye by as much as 25%! Ski season is around the corner and some resorts are already open, like Boreal near Tahoe in California. So now parents need to think about sun reflection off the snow. Did you know eyes can be sunburned? That children’s eyes and particularly babies are more sensitive and less able to filter UV rays than adults? In addition, the higher the altitude and thinner the air; the more harmful the UV rays can be. Protect their eyes with Frubi® Shades, Soft Protective Eyewear created by a pediatric ophthalmologist. Start protecting early and there is less of a chance for the eye problems associated with ageing. Don’t forget Safety 1st or Fisher Price Sun Shades for the car windows.


Practice the “Shadow Rule”: If your shadow is shorter than you are then the UV rays are the strongest and most damaging. This is when it is time for head for the shade under your Sport-Brella or an indoor activity. Check out the Sunshine Kids Stroller Umbrella or Rio Beach Umbrella at our online store.


Don’t forget to keep your little darlings hydrated. Avoid the drinks with caffeine and sugar as much as possible. Fruit juice with natural sugar is ok but water is still the best. Give them their own Crocodile Creek Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle and you may find they drink more.


Sunlight is a necessity for life but as with anything moderation is the key. The sunburn you receive as a child is considered a factor in development of skin cancer as an adult. Hmmm, have they figured the SPF factor of sand and dirt?


sun safety for childrenNote: For your convenience many of the items mentioned above can be found in our online store at a good price. Check it out!


-Miss Suntan


See our Sun Safety for Seniors page. 

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