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Top Ten Most Sexiest Bronzed Beaches


There is no other destination on earth that makes a better adult playground than the beach. People get together on a great beach with lots of sunshine, sand and turquoise blue waters and let nature run its course. You can get away with wearing almost nothing and drink lots of fruity alcoholic drinks way into the early morning hours. “Ogling” at the gorgeous person that just walked by is quite acceptable and expected at the beach. So whether you go to the beach in hopes of finding someone special or take your mate to chill out after a long winter, you need to find the right beach. Please know that not all beaches are created equal, for romance to flourish only sand should be under your feet, not rocks. The swimwear should be overflowing with flesh in all the right places. Privacy is also something to be aware of when selecting the perfect beach. We have sifted through the world's top beaches to pluck out the sexiest. We’re quite certain you'll get sand in your shorts, and be grateful.


1. Shoal Bay, Anguilla - The rounded shoreline of Shoal Bay, Anguilla is a jewel on the arc of the Lesser Antilles. Lounge amongst other sun worshippers in a comfortable lounge chair under a colorful umbrella. This is a very popular beach with white sand, turquoise water and secluded areas for privacy. Due to the reef protection, the water gently and quietly kisses the shore at Shoal Bay. So whether you’re looking for a nap on the beach, reading a good book, making out with your partner or just there for some swimming and tanning, this is a great beach to do any or all of the above.


2. Paros, Greece - There's something about the Greek Islands that encourages passionate behavior in people. The beach is an extension of sand and rough rocks in the Cyclades, 13 miles long and 10 miles wide. Sun-loving Europeans and ‘on-the-make’ locals find this an enticing place to mix. The beaches of Paros can perhaps be split into three rough categories; popular sun seeker beaches, sport lover beaches or remote bays and coves. Beaches like Krios, just outside the town of Parikia, attract the sun worshipers who can tan to their hearts content with a beach bar close at hand. The sporty beaches, like Golden and Pounta, get plenty of sun but the emphasis is more on activities like windsurfing and kite-surfing. Finally the remote bays and coves, which may involve a longer trip to find and with little in the way of shops come prepared. While they are a popular part of the island, small beaches like Agia Irini are hidden gems.


3. Loreto, Mexico - Mexico has long been a haven for Americans looking for escape either from a posse on horseback, relief from unpaid taxes, running from the FBI, angry exes, or even oneself. In Spring Break towns like Cancun, that mystique is long dead, but not so in Baja's Loreto, lying 700 miles south of San Diego. It's still the kind of place where you might meet a mysterious brunette in a beachside watering hole, who's happy to share her tequila but only her first name. On the edge of town, the Sea of Cortez is a magical thing, soft and blue one moment, sparkly neon green the next. If you want to truly experience the isolation and splendor of this untouched area of Baja, hire a boat or pilot a kayak to Danzante, one of the small desert islands in the 800-square-mile Loreto Bay National Marine Park.


4. Pemba Island, Tanzania - There are places to get away, and there are faraway places. You'll know you're off the tourist route when you finally reach Zanzibar, in East Africa—and you've got another flight to go. This is about as remote as one can get! These islands are the place of dreams with Pemba Island being the northernmost island of this archipelago. The beaches are called sandbanks, beaches that are reborn when the glistening waters slide back with the tide. These strings of white-sand pathways make for ideal strolls or launching points for snorkeling. Once a major clove producer this island in the Indian Ocean now chooses to be just an island, a quiet place of romance.


5. Oahu, Hawaii - Oahu gets its share of tourists, but it's surprising how few venture around the entire island, choosing instead to stick to Waikiki. This leaves the North Shore beaches to the hot surfer boys, girls and super fit locals who love to mix with the exploring tourists. In winter, the North Shore's Sunset Beach is a sexy legend—have you ever seen so many hard bodies toting around their surfboards? Great ogling, but the pounding surf is for the professionals. A short drive away is Kailua Beach, a sweet arc of sand where the good-looking guys and gals from the moneyed enclave of Kailua like to body-board. Want to be alone with your significant other? Kahana Bay is your kind of place surrounded by mountains with the scent of pine and a beautiful beach perfect for swimming, wading and snuggling. Be sure to bring everything you need since there are no amenities here.


6. St. Lucia, Caribbean - Curious couples once fantasized about Jamaica—a sensual green-and-blue paradise that's still close to home—these days St. Lucia has assumed that role. The lush island has an increasing number of properties, a host of possible land and water adventures to spice things up, and plenty of sand to roll around in as the surf caresses your bodies. The island has typical Caribbean beaches such as, Reduit where many water sports are encouraged making it a busy beach.


7. Cas-en-Bas on the Atlantic coast is hard to access often requiring a 4x4 but well worth the trip. Tranquil and serene, you can walk a hundred yards out and still be in waist high water. Tour groups of horseback riders pass by but do not stop. Even with a little café nearby this is a sparsely populated beach perfect for quiet time alone.


8. St. Philip, Barbados - It's only 21 miles long, yet Barbados has a bit of everything. Fine dining and beach shacks, cricket matches and Mount Gay Rum tours, the posh Caribbean Platinum Coast. Been fantasizing about pink-sand beaches while sitting in your beige work cubicle back in the city? Imagine waking up, running out of the hotel with your lover, and straight onto Crane Beach, backed by tall cliffs and baby powder–fine sands that glow pink! Yummy! It's a primitive place that might encourage you to take a detour back to the hotel. Uh-hah!


9. Lake Nyasa, Mozambique - You are in the interior of Africa, but the clear blue waters make you think, “This can’t be Africa”. The ninth-largest freshwater lake in the world and the third largest in Africa, it touches the countries of Mozambique, Tanzania, and Malawi. Stroll along a clean white beach that squeaks underfoot and you will forget you are walking by a lake in Africa. The waters are so clear that snorkeling expeditions to see brightly colored fish are a must. Stay in an eco lodge reached only by boat where your privacy is of prime importance to the staff. Providing only hammocks and outdoor showers, this is not for everyone but for some this is paradise.


10. Peter Island, British Virgin Islands - A private island eight miles long and a half mile wide whose sole apparent purpose is to provide you with a postcard-perfect backdrop for making out with the one you love (or at least the one you brought with you). Peter Island Resort is on Deadman's Bay which is right out your door. A mile long classic U-shaped stretch of golden sand with views of the yachts that like to anchor offshore. Offering five beaches to choose from this island is a place for couples only unless you don't mind being a third wheel among honeymooners. White Bay Beach is a private beach, a three and a half mile roundtrip walk from the resort or you can catch a resort van. Arrange for a picnic lunch and enjoy the seclusion of this wonderful snorkeling spot.


11. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Trendsetting Ipanema! This place, made famous by the '60s song that bears its name, has a long tradition of dictating beach style to the rest of the world. The beach was, after all, a launching pad for the skimpy tanga bikini, the once-popular crocheted G-string for men, and the unforgettable (if only we could) dental-floss bikini. Well known as the hang out for the young and fashionable, the star attraction is the many, many beautiful bodies strewn along the beach of a couple of miles. Ipanema also refers to the rrounding neighborhood which is a mixture of upper and middle class homes, high rise hotels, fashionable shops, wild nighttime hot spots and trendy restaurants. It is also considered the cultural center of Rio. You will want to stroll down Rua Vinícius de Morais, which is a strip lined with bars, shops and restaurants, including the famous Garota de Ipanema Bar. It was here that Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Morais penned the lyrics to the sexy song "The Girl from Ipanema."




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