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Parents Think About Sun Safety in School: Parents Encouraged to Help Their Kids Wear Sunscreen at School

Sun safety is an important topic today, especially with the increase of skin cancer and concerns people have about protecting themselves from potentially harmful rays.

When children are in school, they are often not permitted to bring wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen of their own or even sunglasses to wear when they are outdoors without the written consent and permission given by their doctor. For parents who are concerned about their child's skin and overall health and safety during recess and when outdoors during the afternoon and traditional school hours, The Skin Cancer Foundation has recently released a new "doctor's note" for parents to print and give to their children's school to keep their children protected at all times. The doctor's note can be signed by the parent and physician of the child to permit him or her to participate in protecting their own skin when outdoors anytime on school property.

The note is available from The Skin Cancer Foundation and includes basic information including the doctor's name, parents' names and a place for both parties to sign the note. The physician of the child and the parental figure or guardian of the child can then both sign the note and check that the child is permitted to bring his or her own sunscreen, sun-blocking hats and sunglasses when outdoors during recess or anytime at school.

Studies show that young children are typically exposed to harmful rays during the school day. Many schools offer outdoor recess breaks between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. - which is within the peak time for the most amount of harmful rays.

The doctor's note can be found here: www.skincancer.org/schoolnote
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