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  • Senior citizens need sunshine for the great vitamin D.

Olympics | Suntan Sports | Winter and Summer Games under the Sun

The Olympics are a tremendous sporting event that shape our world. It draws our international flavors together uniting our nations in a competitive manner. The thrill of these sports under our sun excites us and drives us into anticipation. At these events, our competitors, spectators, judges, sponsors all get nice and tan. Our Suntan.com crew covers the dynamics of these sporting events for you.


If you are travelling to any Olympic event that is under the sun and wish to be a correspondent for Suntan.com, we are always looking. Please email us at Suntan Crew, and remember to bring your sunglasses, camera, hats, and some suntan lotion whether it is winter or summer, you can still get a suntan.


Winter 2010 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Summer 2012 London, England

-Suntanglobal/Suntan Gal

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