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Suntan oils have two good advantages. First it is said that they are water-resistant and second they have very good moisturizing properties. The reason for this is because they prevent the loss of water through the skin as they form an obstructive layer on the skin. Most contain mineral oil along with moisturizing oils. Then some contain all kinds of exotic oils from tropical fruits like coconut oil, avocado oil and Jojoba oil. Although some of these oils are very good for the skin, they can be very expensive. Children should never use suntan oil.


You will be able to find many suntan oils or any kind of sunscreen for you and your family at our Suntan Store.


We carry 1,000 products so you can find what is the right one for you.


Remember, have a blast this summer, but please be smart about being in the sun. If you are going to tan follow the basic rules found on our web site. When you are done tanning, down that big hat or it’s time to go inside.


Now go outside and have a blast!


-Ms Suntan

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