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  • Baby skin is much more sensitive to the sun’s rays than adults.


You are probably wondering why we are mentioning movies on a suntan website? Well, first, our Suntan Crew loves movies and second, a great deal of movies are actually filmed under the sun. So this is our fun movie section for all of our indoor and outdoor sun tanners. Should you have any movies that we need to mention or you would even like to send in your comments on a movie, please do so to Ms. Suntan.


We will go over a brief history of the movie world, our reviews of favorite movies each year, and then we will also keep adding to our “under the sun” movie section. Whether they movies that are on a boat, at the beach, on the road, on the ocean, at a pool or on a beach, we want to talk about the good, bad and ugly movies that are filmed under our sun.


So get ready because our Suntan Movie Critic, Ms. Suntan, is going to take you on a great suntanned adventure!


History of Movies

Reviews of Movies

Under the Sun Movies

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