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  • Try to avoid wearing any make-up, deodorant, or other perfumes prior to tanning...indoors or out.



Mount Áspero is 6,076 feet and the view of the San Luis range and the panoramic view of Conlara Valley is beautiful with the unique south to north running Concaran River glistening in the sun. The hike is an easy 6-7 mile hike and your guide will provide water, snacks and a hot drink at the first stop.


The microclimate (negative ionization) of this area tends to make people more joyful and increases a feeling of strength. The first prize for the effort exerted is Tiger Fall, an 82’ waterfall into a pool 131’ in diameter and 32’ deep. A nice place to relax, refresh and have a picnic.


Hike on up to the top, from here you can view Calamuchita Valley and 9,153 foot Mount Campaquí. The second stop is “Ghost Town”, which was a mining town at its peak in WWII but is now being looked at being turned into a lodge or camping area.


After touring this interesting deserted town you will find the local caretaker has a pasta meal and wine or a choice of other beverages. This enjoyable meal may be eaten in front of a pleasant fireplace and the cost for this meal is quite reasonable.


The average temperature in the Conlara Valley is 68°F and other activities offered are horseback riding, paragliding, hang-gliding, mountain biking and 4WD tours. This is a wonderful area for birdwatchers and the Condor is an easy one to spot.



-Miss Suntan


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