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Sierra Madre Mountains contain five mountain ranges and are found mostly in Mexico. Sierra Madre is Spanish meaning “father mountain range”. Sierra Madre Occidental is found in northwestern Mexico and southern Arizona. Sierra Madre Oriental is on the northeastern area of Mexico, while Sierra Madre de Oaxaca is in the south/central part and Sierra Madre del Sur is located in the southern area of Mexico.


Sierra Madre de Chiapas extends from southeastern Mexico continuing across southern Guatemala, northern El Salvador and western Honduras. Cuale Waterfalls in Puerto Vallarta is very famous and a beautiful sight to behold. The best way to see it is by riding horseback (but walking is an alternative) for four hours so it is not for everyone. The trip is worth it though and you will see some of the most beautiful scenery including some serene and untouched beaches along the way.


Upon reaching your destination you will be rewarded by taking a dip in the pools that have formed below the beautiful waterfalls. Trek to the small high sierra town of Las Palmas and Rancho Capomo and experience the people with their ancient traditions. Explore the area with its beauty by horseback, motorcycle or walking through it. Meanwhile your hosts will prepare a great meal of grilled meat, handmade tortillas and chilies toreados – yummy!


On the mountain top, the San Sebastian Valley was founded in 1605 and became a mining town. Later when the mining stopped, the town was pretty much forgotten. However it actually created a kind of unique and very picturesque place and is now considered a “jewel of the High Sierra”. The best way to reach the town is by air because the roads aren’t in good condition. The town has now become a tourism center with hotels built in old haciendas. Festivals are also held here all through the year.

The Hotel Hacienda Cola De Caballo Suites, Resort & Convention Area is a luxury resort that will cater to your every need while in Monterrey, also known as the “City of the Mountains”. It’s located just thirty minutes from downtown, has 92 rooms each with its own private terrace, two swimming pools and Jacuzzi.


The Hacienda El Mirado Restaurant serves delicious international fare a la carte. There are numerous activities at the resort including paragliding, trout fishing, hiking, camping and sliding the zip line. Their spa services include different massages and reflexology therapies. Sounds like a great place for “your next tan”.


Being the movie lover and devoted reader of books that I am, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the novel and movie that was made about the Sierra Madres. The novel is called “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, written in 1926 by a mystery man, thought to be Traven Torsvan a German/English bilingual author who simply signed his book “B. Taven”. It’s basically about two poor and not very generous Americans in the early 1920s who get together with an old-timer in Mexico to find gold.


The book was then made into a movie in 1948 by John Huston. The two Americans were played by Humphrey Bogart and Tim Holt with Walter Huston (the director’s father) as the old-timer. Check them out and tell me what you think of them (info@suntan.com).


The movie was supposedly very much like the story from the book.


-Ms. Suntan




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