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Mount Syphax is found in British Columbia in the Purcell Mountain range with the nearest airport being in Banff. This is a 9,400 foot mountain with glistening glaciers and deep ravines, meadows of flowers and canyons. It is one of the sites of heli-hiking with Canadian Mountain Holidays.


Thirty years ago this company pioneered this concept and has successfully transported many hikers via helicopters over the years. It is only with the advent of heli-hiking that those other than the hardiest hikers can now have access to this magnificent wilderness. CMH will taylor the trip to the level of your abilities.


With motorcoach service from Banff orLake Louise you are transported to Golden where the first helicopter picks you up and you head for the Bobbie Burns Lodge. Bobbie Burns Lodge has a grand stone fireplace that is the focus of the large common room. Or you can spend time on the sun deck taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains. 


There is a climbing wall or a game room to further occupy your time. There is also the choice of a massage, sauna or whirlpool after your hike. The rooms are comfortable, the food fabulous and the views soothe that stressed soul. You are then divided into groups of up to 11 people based on skill or desired exertion level.


Everyone enjoys a family style lunch getting to know one another and then it’s off with your groups. It is here that you are outfitted with the necessary equipment for your hike, should need be. Pick up REI Traverse trekking poles that come in a pair and are inexpensive, collapsible and versatile. Hiking boots and clothing are also available at this store. The variety of packages is worth checking out and includes transportation, accommodations and so much.


This is high flying ‘fun in the sun’!


-Miss Suntan


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