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  • Tanning in increments also helps protect your skin for the next round of sun.



In the world of Luxury Cruising, red carpet treatment is the norm. Cruises take place on a variety of vessels from yacht-style ships to balcony suite liners. Opulence, incredible attention to detail, 24-hr service, pampering, exquisite culinary programs, customized excursions and even little touches like “pillow menus” make luxury cruising the ultimate prize for the affluent and the wealthy. Most connoisseurs will say the ship is just as important as the destination. Endless possibilities abound with first class amenities once you book that once in a lifetime trip to your sun-drenched paradise!


Have you been on any of these luxury cruises or yacht trips? Maybe you tried a different line or have cruised to a sunny destination you particularly enjoyed? We want to hear about it!  Email us at: info@suntan.com




















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