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  • Children's eyes need to be protected in the sun with sunglasses.


Bali Island is governed by Indonesia and sits in the Indian Ocean. One of the loveliest places to stay is a small hotel called Tandjung Sari which translates to “Cape of Flowers”.


Originally 4 bungalows were built as extensions to a personal home and it has grown to 26 bungalows “steeped in old world charm”. It sits on the beach at Sanur on the southeastern coast of Bali which is 25 minutes from Bali International Airport. Sanur is an original beach resort area where the people have chosen to maintain their traditions. So the Hyatt Bali in Sanur was built to blend into the easygoing village lifestyle.


It offers a traditional Balinese style spa to help you get into the easygoing village lifestyle. Jog the beach in the early AM and catch the gorgeous sunrise. Sanur is a fishing village and a reef makes the beach good for surfing, swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Low tide results in the reef being exposed so be aware. Year round the temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s, wonderful! Hungry?


Massimo Il Restorante serves Italian for those who are timid. CharMING serves a fusion of French and Asian in a gorgeous blend of local architecture or check out the original restaurant of French trained Chef Ming, Ming Le Resto.


Trust me Bali is a place where sun and fun go hand in hand!


--Miss Suntan

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