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Blue Lagoon is a private island located only three miles from Nassau, Bahamas. The island was made famous with several movies that were made here including; “Flipper” and “Splash”. The warmest weather is approximately a high of 89 degrees and a low of 62 degrees and it rains here in the summer with as much as 9” in June.


There are several cruise ships that offer day trips to Blue Lagoon Island and a ferry that will also take you there. Blue Lagoon Island is just “what the doctor ordered” with pristine and remote beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful white sand beaches. There is an extensive dolphin sanctuary or the Sea Lion Habitat to visit while here or just relax on the powdery sand beach and take in the warm glow of the sun.


Be sure to apply your Panama Jack sunscreen and don’t forget your legs and feet. The island is rarely packed because very few people make the journey even though it has been frequented in the past by public figures and even royalty. There are hammocks, beach chairs, picnic tables and volleyball courts to accommodate you.


Delta Air Lines has a non-stop flight from Atlanta, Georgia. Carnival Cruises offers trips to the Bahamas from several large cities such as Miami or Tampa, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; or New Orleans, Louisiana.


Want this island for your very own? It’s for sale for only $25,000,000!


-Ms. Suntan

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