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Fishing has been a part of the life of the human species for as long as he has walked this sun blessed earth.  In the past it was for food but in more recent times it is for the sport.  How about tournament fishing to see who can catch the biggest fish?  Then there is trophy fishing where one hopes to catch the ‘big one’ to stuff and put on the study wall.  More and more though, it is purely recreational with catch and release being the name of the game.  There are so many types of fish and so many different types of water in which to fish.  Fishing is a daytime ‘in the sun’ type of sport so; plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat and drinking water must be part of your kit.

There are basically three types of line fishing based on equipment used: pole fishing (simplest and cheapest), bowfishing (oldest) and angling (most expensive). 

Pole fishing is the simplest and cheapest because all it takes is a pole, line, hook, cork (bobber) and bait.  The species of fish that take interest in this rig tend to inhabit quiet lakes, ponds, creeks and streams.  This style of fishing is usually pursued by those who like to take it easy and nap in the sun or shade while waiting for the fish to bite.  Often this type of fishing is done in hopes of catching some good eating fish.  Pole fishing tournaments are primarily held locally for fun with the whole family enjoying a sunny day together.  Sunhats, sunglasses, sunscreen and a big umbrella are items to be packed along with that delicious picnic lunch.

Bowfishing could be considered the oldest because ancient man seems to have been impatient and tended to use bows, arrows and spears for procuring fish.  Bowfishing in current times is on the rise in many states because of the destructive expansion of Asian carp. Carp is a species that is considered a major threat, it can drastically change the environment it lives in making it unsuitable for other species.  The bow is much the same as a hunting bow except it has a reel with line attached to a barbed arrow for recovery of the fish.  This is practiced in many states either with fish that jump out of the water or that can be found in shallow waters.

Now we come to the most expensive type of fishing that attracts the most people, angling.  It is basically the use of a pole with a reel, line of various weights (depending on the size of the fish desired), bait (live or lure) and hooks of all sizes.  It can take two forms: casting and trolling.


  • Casting is done from the shore or a boat and is the action of flicking the pole to send the bait on the end of your line to a certain spot.
  • Trolling is placing the bait and line in the water and trailing it behind the boat until you have a strike.

Many types of fishing fall under the category of angling.  The equipment can be fairly inexpensive and simple or you can get into some very expensive poles, reels, lures, boats, motors, trailers and the vehicles for pulling said boats.  Angling may be called fly fishing or surf fishing when done from the beach or the shoreline of a river.  Fly fishermen are going for varied species of trout in the U.S., while in Europe they are more interested in carp.  Or perhaps they are casting for a type of salmon found in the rivers of Canada or Alaska.  Climb aboard a big charter cruiser and it becomes sport fishing or trophy fishing where you troll for big game fish like tuna, sailfish, marlin and others.  In fresh water with specially designed boats, you find the bass fisherman.  Or others troll lakes for crappie, speck or bream.

All over the world you will find tournaments for the sport fisherman.  Therefore all over the world you will find fishermen who need to think about sun protection.  Whether they are entered in a professional tournament or just vying with a buddy for “the big one”, sunscreen or tanning lotion, sunglasses and a good hat to shade your face from the sun should be considered necessary items to pack.  Tournaments abound for the enthusiastic competitive fisherman.  Within bass fishing there are many tournament circuits but the BASSMASTER Tournament circuit is the most visible with three categories: Open, Classic and the prestigious Elite Series.  Leave the snowy, cold northern climes and head for sunny warm Hawks Nest, Bahamas for the 2010 5th Annual Wahoo Tournament.  Charity tournaments like the Jupiter Billfish Tournament have raised significant dollars for charities in their communities.  Fundraisers for individuals who have suffered hardships like a burn victim whose community is sponsoring a Catch ‘n’ Release.  Memorial tournaments to remember lifelong avid fishermen and give back to the local community exist as well.

Guatemala is the site of a beautiful beachfront lodge with room for 16 sailfish anglers.  When not out “hunting big game” (trolling for the fighting sailfish), then try for a tan by the swimming pool.  When out on the boat be sure to protect your nose and ears with zinc oxide and the rest with a tanning lotion or sunscreen appropriate for your skin type.  Wear big brimmed hats to combat the sun’s rays from above and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun rays from both above and below.  Water reflective sun is something many do not take into account but may result in extremely painful sunburn.

Have you ever fished in Argentina’s Patagonia region?  Luxury loving trout fishermen this is the place for you!  A beautiful fishing lodge on a sunny river surrounded by snow capped mountains, the peace of nature all around you plus luxurious accommodations.  But Argentina is not the only country or state that offers a chance to enjoy nature in luxurious style.  The Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska (Alaska’s Playground) offers a variety of fish like salmon, halibut and trout.  Stay at one of several wilderness lodges with luxurious accommodations.

Then there is the pièce de résistance, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia, Canada, touted by National Geographic as “rusticating luxury”.  Some call it glamorous camping or ‘glamping’.  Pull back the flap of the canvas tent and you will feel as if you are walking into a luxury hotel.  You may even shake your head and wonder if you are dreaming.  Perched at the mouth of the Bedwell River at Clayoquot Sound you can fish for tyee salmon, deep sea halibut, steel head salmon and/or cutthroat trout.  Fly inland to clear alpine lakes and fish for cutthroat and rainbow trout.  You may opt for catch ‘n’ release or catch and cold pack for shipment home.  Perhaps you can talk the chef into turning your ‘catch of the day’ into a gourmet delight for dinner.  The day is over and the fish were biting, hard work out; so head for the spa for a relaxing massage.

No matter where or how you choose to fish there is almost always sun to factor in so make sure you are prepared with the proper sun protection.  Sunglasses, broad brimmed fashionable hats for the ladies, billed hats and zinc oxide for those who choose to fish and always a good sunscreen or tanning lotion.  Now head out there and enjoy the sun, water and fish!

-Miss Suntan

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