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  • Plain yogurt is both cooling and soothing to a sunburned area, just apply then shower off.

Skin Cancer Foundation



Products are evaluated by a board of renowned photobiologists-people who are experts in the field of the interaction between the sun and skin, our largest organ. Manufacturers are asked to submit scientific test data that will substantiate their claims as to product effectiveness, as we as safety in prevention of sun damage to the skin. Annually they review data to ensure that company claims can be substantiated in four areas. All members must agree in order for the Seal to be given.


  1. The SPF number used has data supporting its use on at least 20 people.

  2. The SPF number is 15 or higher.

  3. The data supports claims of water or sweat resistance.

  4. The data supports claims of no phototoxic reactions or contact sensitivity.

This program was instituted in 1979 to help educate and guide the consumer in purchasing products that will truly aid in the battle against skin cancer. They have an extensive data base of products which have received and maintain this Seal of Recommendation. 


This program ensures and encourages that high quality sun protective products are available to the public. For a complete list of those products carrying this coveted seal go to skincancer.org/seal-of-recommendation/



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