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Top Ten Extreme Places to get a Suntan


We love to live life. Being adventurous and dangerous makes our adrenaline pump. We breathe harder, our hearts start beating faster, and we feel that release from everyday life that helps us feel reborn again. My hope is that this excites and introduces you to new and wonderful extreme places that you add to your list to visit and get a fabulous suntan. Make sure that when you are tanning, to do it safely. Take sunblock, sunglasses, hats, uv protective clothing. It is wise to get maybe about 15-20 minutes of pure sunshine for your daily intake of vitamin d. Then put some sunscreen on, preferably organic, and have a great time. Don't forget to drink lots of water too, it will aid in keeping your body hydrated. Young and old people need more water and more vitamin d, so remember those important points too. Have fun and Happy Tanning!


1. Bar none, the top surfing beach in the world is the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This is the birthplace of surfing and Polynesians have surfed here for hundreds of years! Stretching almost 20 miles along the Oahu coast, one of the most extreme areas is the Banzai Pipeline which is best known for its tube like waves breaking just 24 inches above sharp coral. Not for the faint of heart! From October until February the wild waters of winter produce monstrous waves that challenge even the most professional of surfers.


2. Windsurfing was the next step the Polynesians took, putting a vertical sail on the longboard to sail the ocean. The key to modern windsurfing is a universal joint that makes the sail more maneuverable and an extreme sport was born. Laguna Madre is a 120 mile long saltwater lagoon between Padre Island National Seashore and the Texas mainland. It is internationally recognized as the top spot for windsurfing in the Continental United States. Bird Island Basin is part of the National Seashore and is a good launching area. Take plenty of waterproof sunscreen and fresh water when you tackle this challenge!


3. Are you familiar with land yachting? History dates this activity back to ancient Egypt where it was a means of transportation. The Dumont brothers of De Panne, Belgium are credited with the first modern land yacht which they built in the year 1898. The extreme racing sport known as land yachting, dates from 1960 when polyester/fiberglass land yachts came into existence. De Panne is the westernmost resort in Belgium, sitting between the French border and the North Sea. The long firm sand beach is perfect for this extreme sport. For years this has been the site of the European Land Yachting Championships but don’t worry, you are able to rent them just for pleasure. But understand the land speed record is over 126 mph, so these babies can move!


4. North Carolina is home to Cape Hatteras National Seashore Park, one of many sea turtle hatching grounds on the east coast. Something else that gets the humans excited is Kiteboarding. Don’t know what kiteboarding is? Well hang on to your hats! You take a specially designed kite, combine it with a specially designed board, throw in an instructor and soon you’re skimming over the water. This is not to be confused with windsurfing which is putting a sail on a surfboard. Either way don’t go so far you’re too tired to get back!


5. On the western shore of Lake Michigan lies Silver Lake Sand Dunes Park, where from April 1st until October 1st you can drive a dune buggy on mountainous dunes created by glaciers that moved through long ago. Wow, what a rush! You can also cruise above the area in a paracraft and keep the rush going!


6. Have you ever been parasailing? No? Well, you must try it in The Florida Keys! The Keys have always been known for a laid back partying lifestyle with Key West being the Mecca. Imagine sailing over those gorgeous clear blue waters with a bird’s eye view of every creature in the sea below. You might even fly with some real birds! Gentle dry takeoff and landing or ‘wet and wild’, both will make this an unforgettable adventure in an unforgettable place!


7. Now let’s head down Mexico way to the Land of the Mayans. XCarat Cancun is an extremely amazing resort area with so much to do! Beautiful white sand beaches, natural pools, swim with sharks or dolphins, float through an underground river or get a taste of Mayan culture. Perhaps you would like to try a unique form of scuba diving in an underwater walk called Sea Trek. Last but not least swim in a cenote, a sinkhole created when the ceilings of underground caves collapsed. Wow!


8. La Jolla, California is a lovely town and home to Black’s Beach, 2 ½ miles of secluded beach that takes a hearty soul to access it. Flanked by 300 foot cliffs that can be somewhat unstable and collapse, access from that point is not advised. That leaves walking the shoreline for several miles and you must be aware of the changing tides or you’ll be stranded. The best part of this area is above the beach where Torrey Pines Gliderport sits. Experienced hang gliders and paragliders will take you on a tandem ride you’ll not soon forget. Float out over Black Beach, the mighty Pacific and since this is an unofficial nudist beach, you don’t know what else you’ll see.


9. Did you know Cancun, Mexico, a well known tourist destination, is not only home to great beaches and but also to B.O.B.? No, it is not ‘bring your own bottle’. Anyway that’s B.Y.O.B. This time it stands for ‘Breathing Observation Bubble’ an underwater scooter with a ‘bubble’ attached where you place your head to comfortably breathe underwater! This extreme experience is located at Playa Tortugas, a north side beach where the calmer waters mean fun for all. Allowed dive time is about 35 minutes to depths of 24 feet, what a thrill!


10. Kanaha Beach on the north shore of Maui is comprised of a series of four beaches created due to the natural breakup produced by headlands, rock jetties and streams. Wakeboarding, water skiing and parasailing are not practiced here but there is so much else that is! The area is considered the birthplace of kitesurfing/kiteboarding with many water related activities practiced here with little acrimony. In 2005 a new sport was created called Para-kiting! A paraglider pulls a kiteboarder with the kiteboarder giving the lateral resistance to help the paraglider stay aloft. How is that for teamwork! Surfing in this area is for the very fit since you must paddle some distance offshore to get the good waves. This is also home to an outrigger canoe club which, as many others groups did, created their access to the beach and built the Halau Wa’a, the building that houses these huge canoes. Water users beware! There is an area known as the Bermuda Triangle or ‘weird wave’ where conditions create a vortex that has captured some people taking them to their death. Because of the numerous extreme sports practiced here and the example of teamwork and conservation set by exceedingly conscientious community members, this had to be on my list of 10 Most Extreme Places.




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