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  • Airbrush or UV Free Tanning will give you a healthy, bronzed glow for generally 3-9 days, depending on how the skin is prepped prior and then take care of after the application.

Everything You Need To Know About Tanning Creams


The formulation of sun tan creams is a multi-faceted science. The way the creams are made today plays a vital role in maximizing the job of allowed ingredients because of limits with the use of some UV filters in cosmetics and increased need for higher sun protection factors (SPF). Protection products for the sun are either an oil-in-water or water-in-oil mixture. Lubricants, thickening agents, color, perfume and preservatives are all part of the blend, along with the ever important UV filters and absorbers such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Sun cream first appeared as a preventive method against sunburn back in the 1930s, when Franz Greiter developed the first sun lotion. This later became the original Piz Buin® sun tanning product line, still sold in Europe today. Over twenty years after inventing the first formulation of sun block, Greiter was responsible for the concept behind what is today known as SPF, or Sun Protection Factor. This guide was created to calculate the strength and effectiveness of sun creams with different skin types. The SPF helped clarify the amount of cream needed and the level of sun protection offered.


More recently, sun cream has become a popular product for a society obsessed with suntans. With the rising danger of skin cancers, sun block has become an essential product across the United States, though it has not become as widely used across Europe and other parts of the world. From tubes, bottles or jars, sun cream is intended to be smoothed over sun exposed parts of the body evenly. Many should be applied every 2-3 hours for the maximum sun protection, and must be reapplied after swimming, perspiring or getting wet. Nowadays, modern sun creams have been developed to resist water and sweat, but it is still a good practice to reapply.


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Types of Tanning Creams:


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