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The beautiful historical sunny State of Connecticut is the 29th most populous state with 3.4 million residents and ranked 48th in size containing 5,544 square miles. Connecticut played a role in the formation of our government in early colonial times and in 1959 gained the designation Constitution State. It has also been called the Nutmeg State and two different stories are given credit for this. One story says it was called this because the residents had a reputation for being shrewd and smart and they were able to make and sell wooden nutmegs. The second says, when the northern peddlers from Connecticut sold the nutmegs down South they may not have explained you had to grate the nutmeg down to a fine powder to season the breads and pies. You do not crack them open and find meat inside. Thus causing the Southerners, who were used to cracking open their nuts, to think they had been ‘taken in’ with worthless fake nutmeg.


Bear Mountain, which is located in the beautiful rural northwest corner of the state, is the highest peak and has one of the most charming vistas in the state. The hike on the Appalachian Trail to the summit is on rocks and surrounded by low bushes, some of which are blueberries. Yummy! This scenic area of the state has forested hills and the peaks are rocky. There are many New York City residents that come here to escape the tall buildings and buy second homes to relax in the sunny rural hills. New York City is only 90 minutes away with the Connecticut River cutting right through the center of the state and into Long Island Sound the outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of visitors make their way here in the fall to witness the fabulous colors of the area, while some just come to check out the many covered bridges and waterfalls.


Connecticut’s only zoo, the Beardsley Zoo, is over 75 years old and is very proud to have the top technology in developing strategies that will preserve animal’s habitats. Many of the exhibits are for the rare animals of North and South America, including the bison, bears and otters. The Tropics Building is the new rainforest environment for the zoo that has waterfalls and dramatic foliage. Strolling through the zoo will require sunglasses, hats and sunscreen to protect you from the beautiful sunshine.


In Mystic there is a 30,000 gallon coral reef exhibit at the aquarium. This exhibit houses about 500 exotic and beautiful fish with a sixty foot crystal-clear viewing for whale watching. There are beluga whales and seals that use this large habitat as a playground. There is an interactive exhibit where kids can uncover authentic sea fossils. Your family might also like to visit Rocky Hill and the Dinosaur State Park. Here you will see an exceptional arrangement of early ‘Jurassic fossil tracks’ that were said to have been made some 200 million years ago. The park has more than two miles of sunny nature trails where you’ll find hundreds of living plants that appeared during the times of dinosaurs.


Another very exciting place to visit is located in Riverton, home to Greenwood Glass Blowing Studio and Gallery. Children six and up can blow through their pipe and make their very own glass ornament, glass flower or paperweight. Located on 4,000 acres in the hills of northwestern Connecticut is the White Memorial Conservation Center, an educational center and nature museum. You cannot go to Connecticut without going on a very short hike in Salisbury to Lion’s Head. On a bright clear sunny day the views are so expansive, it feels like you’re seeing the entire state from the perfect overlook! It’s very steep and you get the sensation of looking straight down to the immediate surroundings. Kent Falls State Park in northeast Kent has a series of waterfalls on a mountain stream, which they call Falls Brook. It is said that there is a lot of evidence that the Native American Indians fished and camped by the falls. This area has such outstanding phenomenal scenic qualities having been featured in many advertisements on television and in magazines. There is a 34-foot high stone tower at the summit of spectacular Haystack Mountain where the mountain laurel provides an exceptional show of foliage in the fall. A road will get you about half way up the mountain then you hike up a rugged half of a mile trail to the top.


Okay, enough hiking for awhile – let’s hit the beach! On Lake Pocotopaug there are a number of beaches all accessible by boat. On the lake there is canoeing, kayaking, swimming and more. A private island called Laurel Island is owned by the Solomon family. There you will find a wading pool (great for young children), and a lot of recreation, land sports such as croquet, bocce ball, badminton and volleyball. The island also offers five cabins if you’d like an overnight stay. More choices for water fun are Stamford which has beaches, parks, golf and more; Attawan Beach; Colebrook River Lake and Lake Lillinonah offer boating, fishing and ice fishing in the winter months; and at Candlewood Lake and Lake Zoar there is fishing, boating, swimming and picnicking.


Another outdoor ‘fun sun’ place for the whole family is in Middlebury. Quassy Amusement Park is a unique family outdoor amusement park and one of the largest family entertainment centers in New England. They offer karaoke with a petting zoo for the younger children. Go swimming or tubing in the very pleasantly refreshing and absolutely clear Lake Quassapaug or sit on the beach and grab a suntan. For mealtime they have picnic areas for the family meal. The park is packed with over 100 games including Skee-Ball, Pac-Man, Pinball and more. Then there is "Saturation Station!" Yes, it's what the name implies. This interactive family water play area is just the ticket for some ‘in-the-sun’ water fun. Imagine a huge jungle gym with 30 sensational ways to get drenched! You cannot go home without trying out the coaster called Big Flush Water Coaster or the Tunnel Twister! The steamboat Queen II is for anyone wanting to get some quiet tanning time on a leisurely water ride. There are lounge chairs, lockers, refreshments and beach supplies available. But don’t forget to bring your sun gear: hats, sunglasses, tanning lotions and sun lotions.


When visiting the State of Connecticut you and your family will be very proud this very beautiful and majestic state is a part of our America.



-Ms. Suntan


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