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  • Eye goggles are usually provided for your safety when you use indoor tanning at a salon.



You want to have "fun in the sun" big time, then a cruise is for you. The choice of places to visit without changing rooms every night is soooo nice. Cruise ships with workout facilities, spas, pools, nightclubs, fine food in a variety of venues, casinos, library, card room, onboard shopping, onshore shopping, art collections, onboard tours, onshore tours, onboard activities, onshore activities, entertainment and a variety of accommodations and prices. Keep busy or just lounge poolside; but remember Bain de Soleil Tanning Lotion or sunscreen and comfortable Sun Precautions UV clothing to make your cruise enjoyable. Special occasions are welcome from birthdays to weddings they’ve got you covered!


Cruising is a great way to get a really BIG bang for your buck. There are so many things to do and such a variety of cruise lines and what they offer. Check these out and see which ones fit your needs, wants, personality and pocketbook. Make any cruise really special with pre and post cruise packages. So when the cold winds blow and summer seems far away check on a Caribbean cruise or a Hawaiian cruise for "fun in the sun". 



-Miss Suntan




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