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  • Moisturizing the skin keeps it soft and supple and will give you a radiant look.

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  • Think Dark-Skinned People Can't Get Skin Cancer?
    Only fair skinned people get skin cancer. Wrong! This belief is the crux of a deadly health problem. Famous reggae artist Bob Marley, died of a form of skin cancer called acral lentiginous melanoma when he failed to recognize a long time bruise as ...
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  • The Wave Water Park - Vista, CA
    Surf the Wave, dude! Saturday we loaded the kids into the car, grabbed our bathing suits, sun block and towels and drove the short distance (for us, about 40 minutes) down to Vista, in San Diego County, CA.  This was our first experien...
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  • The Perfect Holiday Gift - only $50,000
    In the midst of my mail today, among Christmas cards and endless sales fliers, I got a glossy, folded postcard that reads, "Give the gift they really want this holiday season...10 hours at a time!" It\'s from Flight Options, out of C...
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  • The Hydration Station
    Today, I had the most interesting tanning spa treatment…The Hydration Station. This is a revolutionary system using cutting edge technology to deliver soothing moisture similar to a steam sauna. What a blast…Tanning and Spa treatments...
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  • The Baths - Virgin Gorda, BVI
    In the February 2010 issue of Caribbean Travel + Life, I came across a stunning photo of a beach in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, called The Baths. A spectacular giant boulder assortment, the beach area hides secret rock paths and excellent...
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  • Tax the Tanning Salon Industry to pay for Healthcare???
    December 22, 2009    While lying in the tanning bed at my favorite salon, I pondered the headlines yesterday and today in the Wall Street Journal. "Surgeons Get Reid to Tax Tanning Salons Instead" and "Tax on Ta...
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  • Tanning Moisturizer
    One of the most important things a sun tanner can do to help develop color and maintain the sun-kissed glow is to moisturize the skin…inside and out…CONSTANTLY! The rule is: the healthier the skin, the better the tan. As a semi-freque...
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  • Tan Tax Update by guest SUNTAN.com blogger, Stephen Smith
          As October approaches, many salon owners are still asking questions regarding the tanning tax; how to collect it, how to calculate it and just what is going to happen when it\'s time to file. I attended the ...
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  • Tan Tax Info! Press Release from SUNTAN.com guest blogger, Stephen Smith
      Contact: Stephen Smith FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. 888-885-5552 Cell: 678-313-6108 Email: ssmithea@gmail.com ATLANTA TAX AND ACCOUNTING FIRM PROVIDES FREE TANNING TAX FILING 720filer.com offers sa...
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  • Tan Tax Help for Salon Owners!
      Deciphering the TAN TAX...   It\'s less than 2 weeks until the infamous Tan Tax takes effect on July 1st, 2010, and most tanning salon owners are still struggling to get their arms around the 10% extra tax to be imp...
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