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  • It is very important to stay hydrated while sun tanning, especially when you are pregnant.

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  • Tan Tax Info! Press Release from SUNTAN.com guest blogger, Stephen Smith
      Contact: Stephen Smith FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. 888-885-5552 Cell: 678-313-6108 Email: ssmithea@gmail.com ATLANTA TAX AND ACCOUNTING FIRM PROVIDES FREE TANNING TAX FILING 720filer.com offers sa...
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  • Spring Break - 2010
    Top 5 Spring Break Destinations - 2010   (Note: In no particular order!)   1. South Padre Island, Texas - One of the most up and coming hot spots on the college Spring Break locations! Home of Coca Cola Beach a...
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  • An Extreme Treat
    It’s a great seasonal indoor tanning lotion, just in time for Halloween!   Our friends from Extreme Tan & Smoothies have you covered for Halloween…and boy, oh boy is it good! With the purchase of a bottle of “...
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  • Tan Tax Update by guest SUNTAN.com blogger, Stephen Smith
          As October approaches, many salon owners are still asking questions regarding the tanning tax; how to collect it, how to calculate it and just what is going to happen when it\'s time to file. I attended the ...
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  • Family Vacation Tips
    Plan ahead. For families, planning a vacation is similar to planning a family. You need to start nine months in advance. By doing so, you\'ll get the best pick of airline seats, hotels and available room categories. Determine what your fami...
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  • 20/20 ABC News Investigation
    Anyone see the News Report on TV regarding Indoor Tanning by 20/20? ABC News teamed up with Cosmo magazine to go undercover and gather footage from tanning salons all over the country. The gist was that the tanning salons are not safe...whatsoever....
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  • Summer Footcare
    Summer is here and if you’re anything like a very large majority of people around the world, you’ll be kicking off your shoes at home, at the beach, or in the park! Now let’s think about this… is this a good thing for your ...
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  • Suntan.com's SUNTAN Art Tattoo
      Ever lay out in the sun and accidentally get a tan line or other undesirable pattern on your skin because of how you laid? But what if you actually wanted to create a sort of temporary tattoo look in the form of suntan art? We\'ve ...
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  • Beach Games for Kids
    Are you looking for ways to get your beach/BBQ crowd fired up for fun? You do not need to run to the stores to pick up costly sport or yard toys. All you need is an assortment of heavy plastic plates, cups, and bowls with a few odds and ends to get...
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  • Two Top Ingredients for Sun Protection
    Two of the most effective and least harmful ingredients in sun protection products are zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Though these ingredients cannot be found in sprays they are found in creams and lotions and are considered by the EWG (Environment...
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