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  • Though contact lenses provide some UV protection they cover only a small area of the eye so wear UV blocking sunglasses also.

Top Beauty Products for the Beach

Most women have certain beauty products they swear by and I am no different! Here is a quick list of my favorite sun beauty “must haves” before, during and after a trip to the beach.


1.    Bumble and Bumble South Surf Spray, $20.00


This I spray on my hair before, during and after my day at the beach. The spray is full of moisturizing extracts (including sea kelp) for luster, shine, improved softness, body and manageability. The result is textured, sexy tousled waves. Spray and work the mist through dry or damp hair. For the best results, let scrunched hair either air dry or blow dry using a diffuser. Provides perfect beach hair, even if you don’t make it to the beach that day! 


2.    Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Solar UV Protection Spray, $8.00


Hair needs protection from the sun\'s rays too! This is step 2 of the 3-step Sun Protection Trio from Schwarzkopf. Fortified with both UVA & UVB filters, this wonderful smelling spray hydrates with Aloe Vera extracts and protects your precious locks from sun damage. Shake well! The unique formula has 2 different elements that have to be mixed together for maximum results. Spray well and leave in. It\'s also important to treat this as you would any sun screen and reapply after swimming.  


3.    Neutrogena® MoistureShine® Lip Sheers, $8.99


I love the way this lip gloss feels! Lip Sheers are my absolute favorite out of the dozen or so lip glosses and balms I own and the one I covet specifically for the beach. Hypoallergenic, with 16 silky smooth shades and 20 SPF to guard against sun damage, how can you lose? In my opinion, the best beach color is “Sparkling Nude-5". You\'ll love the cooling sensation you get when applying the moisturizing formula to your lips. 


4.    The Way of the Bath™ Matcha Tea Body Scrub, $46.00

Made by my favorite skin care company, Origins, this is an absolute must before heading to the beach for optimum sun worship. Exfoliating is so important for skin health and this body scrub made from Matcha tea is fabulous! Rich in natural antioxidants, essential oils and beneficial sea salts, this extravagant scrub is the best at smoothing away skin roughness and dullness. Make sure you stir the scrub with the spoon, first.  Your body should be damp when you rub the nourishing sea salts into your skin with either a wash cloth or your hand. The essential oils will instantly moisturize your skin, but be careful; they will make a tile shower floor slippery!  

5.    Redken® Color Extend After-Sun Shimmering Body Lotion, $12.00


For deep moisturizing your skin after a fun beach day; this product is amazing. Olive oil, oatmeal & aloe are key ingredients used to deep moisturize your sun-exposed skin. This cream gives you a healthy, sun-kissed glow with a hint of sparkle, due to the super-fine mica powder it contains. Lightweight, yet hydrating, this shimmery cream is essential after a day out in the sun. 


What is your absolute “must have” for the beach or a day out in the sun? Tell us! Email our Suntan Crew today. 


~CA suntan 



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