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Versa Spa Tanning Session - Temecula, CA

My #1 favorite way to get a suntan has always been "the sun". I totally love the beach and go whenever I can, living in beautiful, sunny southern California. The tanning salons in town always send me coupons and I had been seeing ads about Versa Spa Tanning. This was touted as the quickest, most hassle-free way to get a golden, sunless tan. I had to go see what the hype was about.


Upon first impression, Perfect Tan in Temecula, California, was a fantastic salon. The girl at the counter was super nice and the ambiance was totally different from tanning salons I have visited previously.  Think day spa with neon lights and state of the art equipment. Once I checked in and we determined that I wanted to start my sunless tanning session(s) with the clear treatment (my other choice was bronze) and at the lightest setting, she led me to one of the rooms near the back.


Once we were in the room I realized the booth itself is open-air!  This booth sprays the customer in complete privacy with a super fine mist of sunless tanningsolution or dihydroxyacentone. DHA is combined with skin firming and anti-aging ingredients to help maintain good skin health. The FDA has approved DHA as a cosmetic additive for over 30 years. The Versa Spa System is supposedly the only machine on the market that has true exhaust ventilation and she told me I didn\'t even have to hold my breath while I was getting sprayed. I was given a quick rundown of the 4 "positions or poses" I would have to take inside the booth to get the optimal spray coverage. I was glad there was a chart on the wall describing them in case I forgot after she left the room!  Once she left, I did what she told me to, stripping down (you could possibly use disposable undergarments at this point, but why?), removing all jewelry, putting my hair in the plastic shower cap (make sure to leave your ears and hairline exposed!) and applying the barrier cream to my feet, knees, elbows and hands. This is to encourage even application because the dry parts of your body can tend to absorb more and you\'ll get blotches. I stepped into the machine, stood where I was supposed to and pushed the button. The spray was very light...no biggie!  I was pleasantly surprised on how well I remembered the poses. There is plenty of time for you to change positions, before the machine starts spraying again. Once you have been misted with tanning solution front, back and both sides, the nozzles switch and just blow air to dry you. The whole process is maybe two minutes. The preparation for it obviously takes longer!  This mixture does not stain and if it shows up on your clothes, should come out with cold water. I took a paper towel to wipe the excess cream off, once I was finished. You definitely want to show up to tan having showered and exfoliated beforehand. Thoroughly wash your hands an hour later, making sure that water doesn\'t drip down your arms. Wait at least 4 hours before showering or working out, to allow the formula to react with your skin and deepen into a golden, silky tan. The longer you leave it on, the better. The full color develops within 6 hours. Once you have achieved a killer base tan, your beautiful color will last approximately 7 days after a session. I definitely noticed a slightly darker bronze tint to my skin after a few hours of the first application, with absolutely no streaks, no stinky smell and no yucky orange color. I think I\'m in love! 


We want to hear from you! Send an email to the Suntan Crew and tell us your experience with Versa Spa or other sunless tanning booths and systems!   


~CA suntan

Re:Versa Spa Tanning Session - Temecula, CA
This was a very informative blog!
Posted By: lee
I Totally Agree!
Posted By: lee
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