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Topless Sunbather Reported!


Offbeat Suntan News:


A couple weeks ago, an Italian mom with 2 teen boys reported an attractive 26 year old Italian female who was sunbathing topless at a public beach in Anzio, south of Rome. The mom reported to authorities that the topless sunbathing woman was "disturbing" to her sons. Actually, reports state that the way the young woman (read...sweet young thing) was rubbing her topless body with suntan lotion was "disturbing" her 12 & 14 year old sons.


Well....Duh!!! As the mom of 2 teen boys, I agree, however as a hater (ok, ok....strong dislike) of tan lines, I\'m not opposed to topless or nude sunbathing.


The mom initially asked the young woman to stop and the young woman refused. After the authorities came she still refused, insisting it was a public beach. The rest of the reports state that an obscenity charge may be filed but insinuated that since the young lady is beautiful, it probably won\'t happen. The lawyer for the young woman stated that since his client is beautiful and has an ample breast, then of course she is going to look sensuous rubbing on suntanning cream. Ha!


Wow! All for the love of tanning! What do you think? Who was right? I want to hear from you...Tell me! Tanya@suntan.com  



~CA suntan   

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