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  • Remove perfume and/or makeup before indoor tanning as some products react in a photo sensitive manner.

Parents: Why you Must Protect your Child with Sunscreen                                   

During spring and summer months, sunburns are extremely common. Parents may think that this is just nature taking its course and that it's no big deal, but overexposure to the sun is a very real threat to the health of a child. Skin diseases such as melanoma and skin cancer are life-threatening and begin with basic negligence such as a lack of sunscreen.
Basic Guidelines

The following basic guidelines will make it easy to protect your child.
●    Apply ample sunscreen to all of the obvious locations, such as the face, shoulders, nose, forearms, legs and torso.

●    Apply ample sunscreen to the commonly forgotten soft tissues that hide from view, such as behind the ears, the reverse side of the knees, the area around the armpits, the full length of the neck and the parts of the scalp that aren't completely protected.

●    Apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before going out. Once it's been applied, it's a good idea to reapply it every 2 hours or so. All sunscreen will wear off eventually, and playing in the water will accelerate this process. If your child has been in the water, be sure to consult the instructions on the bottle for how often to reapply water-proof sunscreen.

●    Be sure to give sunscreen to any potential caretakers, such as grandparents, babysitters or teachers, and instruct them to apply it in the event that your child will be outdoors in the sun.

●    Be sure to look for child friendly sunscreen!

●    Make sure to buy broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. This will help provide proper protection against all forms of radiation

●    Remember: Your child could potentially be allergic to certain types of sunscreens. If they appear to have a negative reaction to a certain kind of sunblock, discontinue use immediately. This is typically caused by fragrances, but may also be due to the active ingredient. In the event that this happens, consult a doctor and seek professional advice: it is worth it in the long run.
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